During an appointment, I will ask questions regarding physical symptoms, medical and family history, life events and about how you feel. This process is to enable a thorough understanding of your health and of you as an individual. Homeopaths treat a person in their entirety, the mind and the body are taken as one. Homeopathic remedies can then be prescribed that match most closely the pattern of your symptoms.

Initial consultations usually take between an hour and and 90 minutes, subsequent appointments are shorter - between 30 to 45 minutes long.

Remedies are prescribed after the consultations and may come in tablet, liquid or powdered form. They are non toxic, non addictive, contain only minute amounts of the active ingredient. They are considered to be safe to be used by all ages from babies to the elderly.


The number of appointments needed varies from person to person depending on the nature of the ailments and the individual make up of that person. The amount of time needed for healing to take place varies depending on the severity and longevity of ailments as well as a person's energy levels and lifestyle. The healing process for some chronic conditions may take longer whilst other conditions improve relatively quickly


  • Initial Consultation £65 (60 - 90 mins)

  • Follow up Consultations £50 (30 - 40 mins)

  • Acute/Emergency £15 (10 mins)

  • Children - Initial Consultation £45, Follow ups £30

All prices include homeopathic remedies, support between consultations  and postage where required. Herbal tinctures and supplements if prescribed are not included and are charged separately.

There is a £5 travelling charge for home visits.


Cancellation charges: 48 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of the consultation cost will be charged.

Private Health Insurance Companies which recognise The Society of Homeopaths include: Aviva, Simply Health, Westfield Health, Cigna UK, HSF along with many others.